Scanning 35mm film

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It feels like all I do lately is to sit at my computer and scan my negatives.┬áScanning 35mm film on a borrowed canoscan 9000f is a slow process. My roll of film a day has been fun but a lot more work then I thought it would be. What I’ve learned is its hard to keep chemicals good when you share them with hundreds of other students. I lost many rolls these past few months. I also have been buying rolls of 35mm off ebay. That has lead to some interesting events. From bad film and already exposed film to not getting what I bought. All in all its been good. I am starting to get low on film again so my current debate with myself is to buy use again or new?

Maybe move to medium format as I bought a Hasselblad again. I love that camera. But if I shoot 120mm that brings my frames down to 12. Most likely I will go with whatever great deal I find at the moment. The good news is my cameras stopped breaking. I went threw several cameras very fast. But I seem to have a solid group of cameras now. They are canon eos A2E with a 100macro or 28-70mm lens, or a Canon AE-1 with a macro 55mm and a 58mm 1.2 lens, followed by a 500cm and a elm hassy been using a 150mm with them but just picked up a 50mm lens from Kenmore Camera. My favorite walk around camera is my Voigtlander bessa with a 35mm lens. I bought that camera from Kenmore Camera as well.

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