January 30 2016 4×5 film project

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January 30 2016 4×5 film project

January 30 2016 4×5 film project I took the kids to cottage lake park in Woodinville. We keep hoping that the play area will get finished. Sadly its still looks about how it has for weeks. I shot threw the fence so the depth of fields is small but you only see the ghosting of the fence. ( the darkest spots ) I took several sheets and had fun walking around it was cold so we hurried back to our car and headed home.

I took this photo with a Linhof field camera.

F5.6 at 1/100th ISO 100 Film used expired hp4

Film Sheet Holder #16 Side A

Light meter

Xenar 1:4.5/150 lens made by Schneider-Kreuznach . I used a tripod and cable release.


I took these photos in Woodinville and then processed them in Shoreline. I used a Yankee tank and Kodak D-76 straight mix for 11 minutes. Scanned the negatives on a Epson v800 flat bed scanner.

January 30 2016 4x5 film project
January 30 2016 4×5 film project

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