January 2016 4×5 film project

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January 2016 4×5 film project

January 2016 4×5 film project

Even after looking over my book with notes I can’t figure out when and where I shot this. I’m pretty sure its at Shoreline Community college area. Near the dog park there is a trail. This looks like that trail to me. I must have ran out for a break one day and shot this frame. I’m sure it was with my Linhof field camera. Most likely expired film. I will have to look up the notch code and find out.

I do know I used a Yankee tank and Kodak D-76 straight mix for 11 minutes. Scanned the negatives on a Epson v800 flat bed scanner. 

Maybe some day I will figure this out but until then I hope you enjoy the scan. I look forward to printing this one in the darkroom.

January 2016 4x5 film project
SCC trail?

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