Free film!

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free film photo
Free film left for me.

It’s always nice to get free film. At first I found old 35mm laying around. Then got some rolls from my sister and then later from my folks. once in awhile I would get some from a friend. It was a slow process but kind of fun. I came up with shooting a roll of film a day awhile back. I’m several hundred rolls into it now. Most of the film I have shot has been expired film from ebay. It’s always hit and miss. I even was processing the rolls myself until just recently. I lost three rolls and got frustrated. Color can be a pain. I still do black and white. The color I’ve been farming out to Kenmore camera lately. My last day at work in the darkroom for the quarter I found this on my desk. It was a surprise and I’m still not sure who gave it to me. I’m sure I’ll find out but it’s fun to have a mystery. I’ll be shooting it soon and will upload some photos.



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