Film project a roll a day for a year.

Film project a roll a day for a year.

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I have been shooting for most of this past year a roll of film a day. It’s my Film project a roll a day for a year. That started off in secret then got people asking why I had may old film camera always around to people giving me old film and cameras. During this starting period I shot a lot of old film that had all sorts of problems. I learned a lot and process almost all my rolls myself. The c-41 I got good at the hc1-11 black and white I got good at too. I broke several cameras that just were not up to shooting everyday. I bought and sold other cameras. I found I really liked an old canon A2e and use that a lot. A old nikon fe had a lot of rolls go through it too. My biggest purchase was a Voigtlander bessa  with a 35mm lens. What a wonderful camera. Totally different type of camera for me.

My biggest problem at the start was the free film. Sometimes I got nothing. Sometimes I pushed my chemicals to far and lost a roll. I found I like plastic tanks over the metal ones for developing. Some of the film made for odd coloring and effects. I like the surprise of seeing the film for the first time.

When life got busy or I simple couldn’t get the supplies I used  Kenmore Camera to develop some of my rolls. I made it so I could focus on the several months of film I had not scanned in or made prints in the darkroom with. Now with hundreds of roll behind me I want to share some of them with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Shoreline park film photograph
Shoreline park film photograph shot in 2014

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