February 2 2016 4×5 film project

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February 2 2016 4×5 film project

February 2 2016 4×5 film project went well I shot my 4×5 and fuji g617. I really enjoy both these cameras.

I drove from my Woodinville house to a old golf course. I’ll be sad when they develop it. I never played golf here but I’ve taken my kids to walk around the park. Its a nice place.

The sheet film looks really bad but I kind of like it. It looks really old and weathered.

I thought I had hp4 in my holder. I will have to check the notch code.

I took this photo with a Linhof field camera.

F22 at 1/200 ISO 100 

Film Sheet Holder #11 Side B

Light Meter App Lux

Scanned the negatives on a Epson v800 flatbed scanner. 

February 2 2016 4x5 film project
February 2 2016 4×5 film project


I’ve gotten behind in my scanning. I needed to get some things to clean my scanner. I hope to be up and going soon. So many little steps. But its also freeing to be able to take care and work through everything.

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