A 4×5 sheet of film a day for a year project.

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A 4×5 sheet of film a day for a year project.


January 1 2016

First day of this crazy idea to take a 4×5 shot a day for a year. Figuring that this will get pricey fast I’m trying to use cheap film that I have or get along the way. Having bought some when I was just figuring out how to shot a 4×5 camera I had some sitting around. I also picked up some when I was buying peoples darkroom supplies. My darkroom is almost complete or maybe I should say almost ready to be used. I’m looking forward to becoming better with large format cameras and I hope to also be able to guess my light exposures better.

I’m not sure if when I developed the film I did something wrong or it touched another 4×5 or if the film is giving me the marks. I’m still over all happy with this. It will be something I can work with in the darkroom once I get my 4×5 enlarger up and going. Always a project. But things are coming together.


I took this photo with a Linhof field camera.

F11 at 1 second ISO 100 Film used expired

I guessed at the exposure.

Duvall Carragie at sunset.

It was in the 30’s and clear. I really wish I had gloves.

4x5 Sheet of film
4×5 Sheet film

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