8×10 sheet film developing

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8×10 sheet film developing in trays. I bought a┬áPaterson 8×10 Color Print Processor off ebay this week. I am looking forward to using it since my x-ray film tends to scratch when using trays. I also bought pieces of a Sinar over the past month or so and got it going this week too. I really like the Sinar P that I put together. I am looking forward to taking more photos with it. The negatives are so big compared to what I am use too. I am still shooting a roll of film a day with my 35mm camera. It’s been hard to do as the weather and light seem to be against me but I’m still working on it. I am falling behind on getting the rolls processed. I’ll have to take a day off and just develop my color film rolls. My B&W rolls I’ve done better at processing them. I even have been in the darkroom a bit more this past month so that has been nice. I shot a few 120mm too. So many fun formats to play with. Sometimes I don’t get to far from woodinville when shooting


but the ice formations have been fun to capture.

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