Real Estate Photography

This class is for all real estate agents and landlords that want to better show their properties through better photos. We will cover camera functions, gear, wide angle and it’s problems, some image software and high dynamic range HDR imaging. Being in the real estate industry since the 90’s and seeing the change to online viewing of homes make this all the more important thing to be good at. Fill those rentals and listings!


Digital Infrared Photography

Digital Infrared Photography is a fun way of seeing normal things in a new way. We will look at filters and converted digital cameras in this class. You will be able to use a Converted digital camera and also filters to see if you like this kind of photography. Please bring a compact flash card to take your images homes with you when you are done. This is a cheap way of trying out Digital Infrared Photography.


Pole Aerial Photography

Pole Aerial Photography or PAP for short is simply raising your camera to a higher view. This can be used for events, real estate, and other fun views of normal events.


Automotive Rig Photography

Ever wonder how the magazines get a moving car so sharp? Most likely they used a auto rig. You can spend a lot of money on these or you can build your own. Come and learn on a home built one. Bring your car and camera and learn how to take a one of a kind type of image. Camera loaner available.


Film Development with Coffee?

Develop your black and white film with coffee. It’s not the best but it’s sure fun.


Learn to use your Canon camera better.

Learn to use your Canon camera better. Whether it’s a point and shoot or a dslr. We will go over the basic functions. Or come with questions and we will go over what you want to know. Fun hands on learning.

This is a fun class that can meet almost anywhere on the eastside.


Night Photography

Ever wonder how they take those cool star trail photos? Well if you have a tripod, a camera and a cable release it is easy. Come and take a night off of your busy life and enjoys the stars and get a few neat shots.



I am a photographer in Woodinville and teach photography and Photoshop. I used film and digital and have been trained in most kinds of photography. I would be happy to help you become better at kids photography and Photoshop. I can meet you in Bellevue or Woodinville