Born in Washington State, I spent most of growing up out camping, taking photos or playing with friends. Having learning disabilities made school hard but I would like to think it helped me in the arts.
I am married and have two wonderful children, a horse and two dogs along with several birds to wake me up in the morning.

John’s Short Bio

As a Washington native, I have enjoyed the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest my whole life. As I grew up I found myself focusing more and more on the intimate details around me and less on the grand views and cityscapes.

Having a family has helped me explore the world around me even more. Sometimes I even capture it with a camera.

Artist statement

For me the beauty of fine art photography is to be able to create the picture that I see or feel. I have the freedom to create a piece of art that is a part of me or an experience I am having. My goal is to enable others who view my work to enter the experience.

Using many types of photographic mediums has helped me broaden my skills and become closer to the artwork I create. I like to be part of the whole process. I research other artists and locations, then go out and get a feel of a place or subject and then decide on how I want it to look and feel. Once captured, I either have it printed locally, or print it myself in a darkroom to have further artistic control. Once I am happy with the image, I work on how to present the artwork to reflect the experience or emotion I experienced.

I enjoy the process of creation and enjoy being able to share and talk to other artists and lovers of art. Involvement and interaction at art shows, galleries and my website,, is a rewarding and enriching time for me.

A little gear talk.

I have been taking photos since I was a little boy using whatever camera my parents would let me play with. My mom had a darkroom in our house that always seemed magical. In about 2005 I bought my first good Digital camera. A Canon Rebel XT. What a great camera! I used it for five years before getting an XTI and then in 2010 I moved onto a Rebel t1i and a bit later I got a Canon 5D2. I am still enjoying learning how to take better photos. One such example is going back to school for a A.FA. Degree in photography from Shoreline Community College.